Touch-Screen Generation

Touch Screen Generation

This is my Alternative Story Form project for my Introduction to Visual Journalism course.

As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun with Photoshop for this project. In fact, I think I spent more time in Photoshop than I did in Indesign for this project. I think all that time paid off though, because received mad praise from my classmates for my visual elements and attention to detail. The Rockwell painting with the child holding the iPad was one of the first things I made here, followed shortly by the “Touch-Screen Generation” logo at the top.

The logo was born out of the novel idea of spelling things with app images that feature a single letter, but I needed to compliment it with something else… something more “real.” Eventually I landed on the idea of building blocks but they looked so boring in perfect alignment! So, I photoshopped a child’s hand in to make it look like he/she were holding the u-block in “touch,” and suddenly, life was breathed into my headline.

The pie-chart at the center needed to be clean and exceedingly simple, so I used color-coordination to make the segments match with their descriptions. This was very meticulous work, but I think all my attention to detail paid off with a nice grade and something I could be proud of.


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