Signature centered

This is my name, my signature, and my logo.

Like all modern designers, I wanted my signature to be simple yet bold. I spent quite some time tinkering with my first and last name alone, but a 4-letter name alongside a 7-letter name proved troublesome, so I introduced my middle name for some additional combinations. I realized when using the Impact typeface I could make a very solid line between certain letters in my name. So I built on that idea.

I think I was inspired by the Call of Duty Elite logo, considering I’m using an inverted “L” in Paul that seamlessly flows through the “I” in David an the “L” in Grzelak. Some of my peers were a little less keen on the inverted L at the top, and wanted to shave off the horizontal portion of the letter, but I think it looks more complete this way… and it avoids the suggestion that my first name is Paui.

The nicest thing about this signature as a logo is the way I can manipulate it. It doesn’t always have to be black and magenta (what my peers called a “masculine pink”); I can switch up the colors any way I please, although keeping it as a two-tone illustration is key. Often I’ll keep the letters black and have the “LIL” symbol assume a hue replicated elsewhere in my work. This keeps the template of my logo consistent, but allows it some variety depending on the context, like the many iterations of the FedEx logo.


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