Redesigning A Non-profit’s Logo


I redesigned the logo for the Restorative Community Coalition, (formerly known as the Whatcom County Re-Entry Coalition) a non-profit organization that helps formerly incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society.

The logo redesign, as well as some other work I did for the Restorative Community Coalition, was part of a service-learning project I did in my Advanced Visual Journalism course at Western Washington University.

The R.C.C.’s original logo was unfitting for a number of reasons, first and foremost being that it showed the old name of the organization. I selected Kefa as my typeface because its curvy structure and bold serifs conveyed the blend of strength and friendliness I wanted the logo to present. From the very beginning of my design process I was in love with the idea of an open door; a fine metaphor for an invitation to opportunity and freedom.

The logo’s lack of color was also a deliberate move on my part. I knew the Restorative Community Coalition would not always have access to the finest color printers, so keeping the logo monochrome was a priority. A monochrome design also brought the benefit of being reproducible in a variety of colors: white on black, yellow on magenta, etched into a surface or however the R.C.C. wanted to reproduce their logo into the future.


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