Graphics Design and Habitat for Humanity

comparison 2b

Skagit Habitat for Humanity had a sale that wasn’t doing so well. So I redesigned the signs!

I’ve been volunteering at my local Habitat for Humanity Store for the past seven months and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve made new friends, developed a lot of new job skills, and had great experiences while helping people out. And it’s great to fill the long stretches of time when I don’t have classes (like this summer) with something more productive than sleeping in and gaming all day.┬áMore recently, the people at Habitat decided they needed to clear some space and decided to do so by giving big discounts on older items. So customers could know about the sale, they posted some signs in the store that looked like this:


Below this poster was a list of some of the items excluded from the sale:
While these signs were certainly adequate enough, I noticed very few people making sure they were getting discounts on older items when I checked them out at the cash register. We wanted people to be actively hunting for old, discounted items in the store, and that just wasn’t happening. So I talked with the store management and they agreed with my idea to redesign the signs. After just two days, I came up with this:
Master 3b
Like my logo, (top left corner of this blog) this is a modular design, made with the intention of changing the name of the items at the bottom based on the area the poster is placed in. Some say “LUMBER,” some say, “LIGHT BULBS,” and some say “NOTHING!”
After just a few days of roughly eight posters like these spread throughout the store instead of just two at the front, customers showed a heightened awareness of the sale at the checkout counter and when searching for things to buy.
My designs are laminated and will be used year after year in the store!


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